About Us


 El Camino Hot Tub is a seven-piece funk rock band that originated in Fort Wayne, Indiana. With their high-energy grooves and heavily improv-driven performances, they are quickly elevating the dance floor from the stand-n-nod to something that more resembles a cross between the Q-tip and the bus-driver.  Like the Super Friends (but with less tights) Drew Seabold assembled a team for a funk project consisting of Topher Beyer, Michael Newsome and Ryne Wemhoff. After a few weeks of experimenting with fast, percussive slap bass, melodic, soulful guitar licks, rich vocals and intuitive drum beats, the four decided to put out an APB for that extra dash of flavor their funk-roast was missing. Amber Feichter,Ty Fry and Sawyer Green entered the picture and immediately took to the beats that were already being laid down, elevating them to a brand new height with that weird, beautiful magic only horn players seem to understand.  An El Camino Hot Tub show is a unique musical experience, combining practiced and perfected original music and heaping helpings of improvisation, full of positive vibes, explosive energy and every reason to let the wall hold itself up while you stomp the floor down. El Camino is a young band, having only begun its journey in July of 2018, but its heart and love for all things funky and free is immediately shared with everyone, leading to one helluva night that no amount of Guinness could hope to rob you of. 



Drew Seabold

Entering the world with the same ferocity and powerful, rhythmic rumblings of the explosion of Pompeii, Drew Seabold slaps the skins with the brilliance of a thousand suns. He's got more skill with a stick than a Kitchen Aid with a match, and he'll cook your goose twice as fast if you're askin for it. But you've literally gotta be askin' for it, because Drew's heart of gold is not only a medical mystery, but a conversation piece he wears on his sleeve. 

Equipped with, arguably, the most extensive record collection in the greater Fort Wayne area, as well as the sickest neon flamingo this side of the Mississippi, Drew's entire existence lies somewhere between Spock and Theodore Roosevelt: Live long, and party hard. If you're not havin'a solid time, you're in good luck when Drew walks through the door. This guy brings good vibes and greater times wherever he goes.


Michael Newsome

Known affectionately as Young Neil Young to his friends and peers, Michael Earl Newsome may not be a singer (or Canadian) but his songwriting skills have done just as much to earn him his unofficial nickname as his Buffalo Springfield haircut and genuine personality. If it has strings, the guy can play it; with considerable control and a masterful approach  to the guitar, bass, mandolin, ukulele, piano and melodica, the only thing lacking in his hefty musical repertoire is the number of hands he has to play all of these instruments. Urban legend states that his Patreon account has just about reached its goal of a hefty sum for the experimental surgery, but until John Frusciante agrees to donate his hands, the procedure has been put on hold. 

Considering Michael's affinity for all things abandoned and unexplored, as well as Fort Wayne's lack of a true crossroads, its rumored that he sold his soul in the back of a rundown Winnebago for a bag of Doritos and eventually traded his way into his first guitar; the rest, they say, is history. 


Sawyer Green

Kansas native and brazen brass bulldog of a trombone player, Sawyer Green was a bored lil boy growin' up in the Wheat State, so he clicked his heels together three times and wound up a Hoosier. Having lost his heels in the move, and just as curious as the rest of Indiana as to what a "Hoosier" is, he adopted a gang of strangers to show him the ropes. 

If he's not playing music, he's thinking about music, and if he's not thinking about music.... well, you get the idea. With more Hi-Ho-Silver than the Lone Ranger on holiday with Tony Montana, if this guy's get-up-and-go ever got up and went, it only showed up an hour later with even more of whatever special sauce that's coursing through Sawyer's veins, compelling him to create even more. If its got a beat, he's got a sonic blast to add to it, and the world is a better place for it. And for all his moxy, he never even had to visit the Wizard. Eat your heart out, Dorothy.


Amber Feichter

To say Amber's been playing the sax since birth is wildly innacurate, but when you hear her play, the thought'll cross your mind like 5pm foot traffic on Fifth and 23rd. Ever since she first heard George Michael's "Careless Whisper", she's been chasing that high only the  bendy sex horn can provide. 

When she's not buzzin' reeds, Amber can be found leading the charge on an empty dance floor, bringing the same energy she has on stage to the floorboards. If you've got a rug, she'll cut it.


Topher Beyer

The man with the plan, the master at hand, the hero no one deserved (or necessarily wanted) yet got anyway, Mr. Topher Beyer. This dude is a plumber's wet dream, because his pipes are solid gold, and they don't quit. Rumor has it that Parliament's own starship had something to do with it, and whether they had anything to do with it or not, his funky lifestyle, vocals and songwriting abilities can't be denied. If there's a party, Topher'll funk you up to the funky dimension.

Vocals are only a small portion of the extra large, double layer soul cake Topher brings to El Camino; embodying the quintessential aspects of a finely-tuned Swiss army knife, Topher runs and operates his own forge, builds websites, designs t-shirts and manipulates a marker to devise the perfect logo, flyer, pin, sticker and picket-sign--the kinda work every Bic and Sharpie dreams of being privy of. This guy can't be stopped. If creativity were a dog, he'd have it fetching his slippers every morning before putting on a pot of coffee, followed by an afternoon of doing his taxes and lecturing his kids in advanced physics, kinda like how Chuck Norris pushes the earth down to do one push-up. Just funkier.


Ryne Wemhoff

Growing up in the small town of Roanoke, Ryne had two goals in life: to one day afford to eat at the fancy restaurant in town boasting local in London and New York, and to play guitar. He still hasn't eaten at that restaurant, and his parents couldn't afford the extra two strings on a guitar, so he wound up learning to play bass. 

Forever looking for the silver lining in whatever life throws his way, Ryne grew up on a steady diet of beefy crunch burritos and old Weather Report albums. Whether it was a natural ambition to become as great a bassist as he could, or the high sodium content of his diet, Ryne's thirst for greatness could never be quenched. Never satisfied, he strives every day to lay the sturdy foundation only an El Camino can claim.


Ty Fry

If you've ever caught yourself wondering what the love child between New Orleans and 2006' iconic "Sexyback" would look like, look no further (and kudos on the imagination, kid). Ole Ty-guy makes the Tub look good, but his choice hat attire isn't the only thing bringing style to the group; this dude's trumpet chops leave little to be desired, kinda like an all-you-can-eat cheesecake buffet, but for your ears. 

Art flows through Ty's veins, and when he's not making music, he's been known to pick up a brush or a pen and slap together some true masterpieces. A talented poet and a helluva painter, The Frylock has hands that can cast gold out of the simplest of materials, no Rumplestiltskin required.